Information and The War Against Terror


When two or more parties are warring, it is always difficult to make any progress on traditional fronts. This is a realization that has led to increased campaigns against terror and any acts that lead to destabilization of world peace. Many security watch dog organizations around the world monitor and observe these foreign policy issues with the goal of trying to prevent any acts of terror that may be carried out by any nation, group, or individual.

The efforts to ensure that the goals of these types of organizations are achieved often require set activities to be done. Among the most commonly used activities is creating awareness of terror and terror related activities through the use of meetings and seminars. The meetings or seminars are held for people who have a stake to play in the maintenance of peace and include military personnel, diplomats and average citizens. Other such means of creating awareness can include the publication of books and television shows. In these awareness programs, themes and paradigms that foster a better awareness of these sensitive situations.

Financing is one of the most crucial parts of any terrorist group. A terrorist group can only go about its regular activities when adequate funding is available to them. Upon being exposed many donors to terrorist activities will shy off and withdraw funding, which most often cripple the activities that were being supported by that funding. One objective of many of these watch dog organizations is to research the sources of terrorist funding and help expose or cut out those funding sources through the use of media, financial sanctions, or any other mean possible. Preventing finances from reaching terror groups is key in the war against terror. To learn more about Mark Dubowitz and his battle against terror.

Another thing these organizations do to help is giving information to the general public concerning real activities being done in the war against terror. Understanding how terror and terror groups are evolving in target countries is an important part of the puzzle, especially in a post 9/11 word. A good resource to learn more about this topic is

After the twin tower bombings, a lot of military action was taken to the countries believed to be supporting the terror groups as well as where the terrorists are said to be coming from. Very little about the battlefield will be known by the ordinary citizen. This has prompted many of these watch dog organizations to become independent reporters of the facts and realities of both these warzones and terrorist groups. By doing that, they help ensure that the average citizen at home has a better chance of understanding how much progress is being made, and how much still needs to be done.

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